The Book

“Mbogo”, the “Black Death”, which manifest itself in the African Cape buffalo, now stood less than 12 feet away from me.  The cow and calf were too close for me to have time to be scared.  I would only have time to react on instinct if they came closer.

That is the type of excitement that every hunter dreams of and it is still possible in Africa today.  It is also one that I was fortunate enough to experience without any permanent ill effects.  Eighty percent or more of American hunters think that Africa is too expensive or off-limits and that they will never have a chance to experience their own, up-close-and-personal adventure in the African bushveld.  “Safari 101” proves just the opposite.

Guinea Fowl with a .22“Safari 101” is written for the hunter that has always considered Africa out of reach, someone who has a spark of desire just waiting to be fanned into a flame.  American hunters spend thousands of dollars every year hunting at home.  Almost none of them know that, for the price of a guided elk hunt in the western United States, they can take an African Safari.  The myths of being “too expensive” and “too difficult” are firmly entrenched in many hunters’ minds.  “Safari 101” has forty-six hints dispersed throughout 11 chapters and proves these myths false.  Personal experiences are used to illustrate the value of each hint and to make each one easy to remember.  Safari 101 takes my experiences, and what I have learned from my professional hunters and outfitters, and puts the information in a logical progression that is entertaining as well as informative.  Safari 101 will help fan the spark into a flame.