The Author

David Brown, Author of Safari 101Thank you for visiting “Safari 101” Book.Com and looking over the site.  I assume that you are here to find out who I am, and why I wrote “Safari 101”.  One question is easy, and the other not so easy, but I’ll do my best to answer both of them.

I am pretty much just an average guy, one that loves the hunting, fishing, and pretty much anything to do with the outdoors.  After I retired, at age 40, from my first career at Lowe’s Companies, I wanted to spend as much time as I could enjoying those activities.  I never really thought of going to Africa until I was unsuccessful in drawing a big game tag in a western state.  Since my wife had given me permission to take a hunting trip, I started scrambling to get a hunt somewhere.  Four and a half months later, I found myself in Africa.  It goes without saying that the trip was phenomenal and I was infected with a disease I named “Africa Returnus Soonis”.  I had it so bad that I ended up taking my first four Safaris in three years.  I even took my wife and two daughters on a safari of their own so they could try to understand my love for African hunting.

While I was not in-country, I learned everything I could about the Industry.  I studied travel routes, game management strategies, cartridges and rifles for taking African game, and just about anything else that had to do with going on a safari.  I even toyed with the idea of becoming a professional hunter myself, until I discovered that a non-citizen could not legally do so.  I eventually had to get my African “fix” by doing trade shows with friends that I had made in the business.  Trouble was, the trade shows only covered three months out of the year.  It eventually dawned on me that I needed to teach others about Africa.  I had kept detailed journals of my Safaris and I enjoyed writing them, so it seemed only logical to write about Africa.  After having a few magazine articles published, I felt that I needed to do more and “Safari 101” was the result.

I wrote Safari 101 for someone like I used to be.  Someone that thinks Africa is too expensive, too far away, too difficult and too dangerous to hunt.  There are a myriad of myths about Africa and a majority of hunters believe every one of them.  Safari 101 was written to dispel these myths and show that hunting Africa is affordable, exciting and a wonderful place to hunt.  The book is broken down to give you step by step instructions on planning, travel, camp life, the hunt, gear, and taxidermy.  I have put in a 46 hints to make your safari experience a wonderful and truly memorable.  The hints are a mixture of what I have learned from my Professional Hunters, booking agents and by being on safari.  Each hint is accompanied by a personal experience to illustrate the hint’s value and make it easy to remember.

I also wrote “Safari 101” to spread my passion about hunting Africa.  It is passion that rears its head when I step outside on a quiet night and imagine I can hear the noise of the bushveld and smell the smoke from the fire.  It is also passion for putting a successful stalk on a trophy animal and a passion to share the hunt with others.  I hope I have started a spark in you to take your own safari.  If I have, please sit back; enjoy the book and its stories.  Then let the spark grow into a flame, and maybe I’ll see you on the Dark Continent.