Hints from Safari 101

Hint 1:  When you start the start investigating the possibility of or booking a Safari, get a notebook, and keep it forever.
Keeping all of your notes, thoughts, ideas, records of conversations, and the like in one place can prove to be invaluable.  At the end of the trip you may want to even consider taking the notebook apart and filing things by category in a divided binder of file for future reference.  Just in case, you may want to take another Safari some time.

Hint 3:  Listen to your PH as if your life depended on it because it very well could.
There are all sorts of things in Africa that could stick, sting, scratch, claw, bite, or stomp you.  Your PH will get you past these obstacles if you listen to him.

Hint 6:  Be ready for anything when you’re in Africa, because anything can happen and it usually does.
What I am really saying here is to be adaptive.  The more flexible you are the more fun and success you will have.

Hint 14:  Combine all of the “what to take” list that you receive, remove any duplicate items, and then adjust the list to suit your personal preferences.
If you have never been to Africa before there are a great many items that you will need that will not even cross your mind until you need them.  Studying and combining multiple lists will improve your chances of having everything you need.

Hint 33:  Keep a daily journal.
This is so important.  If you do not write things down while they are fresh in your mind, the details are lost forever