Kamchatka Land of 10,000 Bears, Part 14 Rough Morning

by david on February 21, 2020

Tuesday, May 7th

I desperately wanted to sleep late, but 16 time zone changes in five days, nine of them yesterday, had my internal clock completely haywire. My brain said to get up, so it did not matter it was only 6:30. What did matter was the pain I experienced upon trying to get of bed. Every muscle was screaming: “You idiot. What the hell did you do?” The first few (unsuccessful) attempts at getting up resulted in a collapse back into bed. What finally pushed me over the edge was the need to empty my bladder. I almost wished I could have seen myself walking down the hall. I had be moving like a 103 year old with arthritis. Bathroom visit completed, I was starting to limber up and could shuffle with a limp back down the hall. The fact that I was as sore as I was somewhat puzzled me. I had exercised and gotten in shape for this hunt. I finally decided being in shape had nothing to do with it. I simply had abused muscles I don’t normally use and had not strengthened with my exercise routine. The realization did not make my body feel any better, but it made my brain feel a little better. I had just changed from sleepwear to camp clothes and started unpacking when the wonderful aroma of coffee came drifting down the hall. I made my way to the kitchen and Olya had heard me get up and made me some fresh coffee. I took a cup back to my room and started to get my gear squared away. The coffee was excellent and did not last near long enough. I rummaged through my gear to find my travel cup and had her fill that. Now I was in business — coffee, 20 ounces at a time, is more like it. Three travel cups later and gear stowed, I headed to the dining area in search of breakfast. Olya outdid herself. There was a hot granola and oatmeal. Two eggs, ham, toast and jam, everything a Southern boy could want for breakfast.

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