Kamchatka Land of 10,000 Bears, Part 7 Last night in Moscow

by david on January 1, 2020

Since we were too full to have dessert, we decided to take the roundabout route home and work off a little dinner. The evening had cooled and the streets were not overly crowded. It seems we were in between the dinner crowd and the nightlife crowd. That was cool with me, as I could more easily hear and understand Vasily as we walked home. One thing I noticed was the amount of renovation going on. Vasily explained buildings could not be torn down and rebuilt as most were deemed historic by someone or other. Since they could not be torn down, if anyone wished to change usage or make improvements, remodeling was the only option available. What drew my attention to the remodeling projects initially was the barricade draping on the sides of the buildings. Barricade draping is a heavy fabric mesh used to protect people walking by. If anything falls from the roof or from a window, the draping keeps the falling item close to the building and off of the sidewalks. What makes this barricade draping interesting is it is made to look like the building. Instead of a solid color piece of fabric, it has doors, windows, trim and all sorts of details painted on or woven into the material. Unless you were right beside it or looking for it, the material allowed the building to appear normal and hid any construction going on behind the curtain. This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen.

As we got closer to the hotel and Red Square, we noticed barricades along the street. This confused me at first, then I remembered there was a dress rehearsal for the parade. This was cool. I can remember the newsreels when I was a kid of the Russian military parades with the tanks, armored vehicles, missile launchers, and etc. Here, I was seeing everything up close and in person. There was a famous tank used in World War II. It had been restored and looked brand new. I was enjoying walking and looking immensely, until we decided to call it an evening and head back to the hotel. Now the streets being blocked off and having to go this way and that way, weaving in and out of things got to be a pain in the rear end. We finally made it back and I did some prepacking, hit the shower and stretched out to relax. Lights out was at 11:00 and I slept like a log.

Examples of the debris shielding curtain common in downtown Moscow renovation projects. Examples of the debris shielding curtain common in downtown Moscow renovation projects.


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