There is a bear #8, “Grinned wide enough to swallow both ears”

by david on December 4, 2019

No more than 10 seconds had elapsed between the first ear-splitting roar and the last, but it seemed like 10 minutes to me.  I shook my head a time or two to clear it and, glancing around, saw nothing but grins from ear to ear. Little brother in particular, if he grinned any wider he would have swallowed both ears.  It was time to climb down and inspect his prize. I returned my chambered round to the magazine, making my rifle safe while keeping it ready for use if needed. I climbed down and Josh handed it to me.  Doug and Zack were already down and Josh was right behind me. The two guides approached the downed bear to confirm the moan was indeed the last sound the bear would make. With that confirmed, Doug and I could now approach.  High fives and congratulations were now in order. The bear was everything Doug wanted and more. He was huge. It took the four of us to roll him over for pictures. Josh suggested one with Doug sitting astride the bear and holding his head up.  It would have made a great size comparison if we were not trying so hard not to laugh at Doug grimacing while straining to hold the weight of the massive head and neck. Did I mention this bear was huge? I began to wonder how we were going to get him into the truck.  That question soon answered itself with the arrival of the TV show folks. They had been watching the whole thing and came over for a look. They admitted wanting the bear for themselves and being a little jealous of Doug’s success. They jokingly gave him grief for a few moments before breaking down and grinning and letting him know they were kidding.  They even hung around to help load the bear into the back of Josh’s truck. With pictures taken, bear loaded, and the harvest called into the state wildlife office, we headed back to the lodge. It wasn’t even 8:00 yet and it had been one heck of a morning.

Little brother and his big bear Little brother and his big bear Grinning wide enough Grinning wide enough


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