There is a bear #12 Two story Jeep and back in the race

by david on December 12, 2019

The vehicle in question was a two story Jeep.  It was an older Jeep CJ with a platform built on top.  It belonged to an acquaintance of Josh’s and he would introduce me to the owner.  He was bear hunting also and heard all the chatter on the radio and had come for a looksee.  We caught up with them somewhere in the middle and stopped for a look. The platform was supported by steel tubing attached to the frame at each corner and slightly larger than the jeep below it.  The steering column was extended through the top of the CJ and to a console and driver’s seat on the platform. I assumed the brake and gas were attacked to cables and worked just like normal. Oversized tires allowed a slow steady ride through any field or muck.   A ladder in the back allowed access. Once introductions were made, we climbed up top and had a look around. This thing was cool. It was a portable bear observation platform. No moving around semi-permanent stands by hand or being stuck in one place. You could take your hunt to where the bears were.  I was completely enamored with the “good old boy southern ingenuity” when the radio started squawking.

Danged if that bear had not seen the other hunter and turned back into the woods, past the dogs and heading back our way.  I may have a shot at him after all. The owner (whose name I don’t recall at the moment) volunteered to help get me into shooting position, and I was ecstatic.  Only one request from me. I wanted to get close enough and have time to get down and take the bear from the ground, eyeball to eyeball. He said, “No problem”. I was back in the hunt.  Josh radioed and asked Jay for one of his dog’s frequencies. I was a little confused but decided to keep quiet and listen rather than open my mouth and say something stupid. While he was waiting on a response, Josh walked over to the vehicle’s owner and asked if he would input the frequency in the GPS?  There was another response of “no problem, and the lightbulb began to come on. The dogs were most likely fitted with GPS collars so they could be found if they became separated and lost. With the frequency entered, we would know where the dogs were and possibly where the bear would come out. Pretty darn cool.  With the information entered, we started lumbering up the opening in the two story Jeep. High-tech bear hunting was not something I was even aware of, much less thought I would be participating in 20 minutes ago, but here I was in the thick of things. The radio squawked again, letting us know the bear had cleared the patch of woods he was in, the adjacent open area and was now in the woods beside us.  Using the screen of the GPS, we could see the dogs moving at a slight angle to us and plotted an intercept course. When we were about 15 yards from where bear and dogs should exit, we stopped and Josh and I scrambled down the ladder.


Ever seen a two story Jeep?  A perfect mobile two story observation and hunting tower. Ever seen a two story Jeep? A perfect mobile two story observation and hunting tower.

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