Safari 2018 #54 and Hint 6 From my book: Be ready for anything when you’re in Africa, because anything can happen and it usually does.

by david on November 11, 2019

Sunday, September 30

Made it to the airport in plenty of time.  Too early, if there was such a thing. We had to wait for it to open.  I always thought being one of the first in line at the airport was a good thing.  That day, not so much. The airline’s printer was on the fritz and I ended up with no boarding pass and no checked baggage stubs.  I eventually got a boarding pass but ended up being the last on the plane. Being last on, you guessed it, meant no room for my carry on and it had to go in the hold.  No big deal. I had anticipated as such and transferred the things I did not want checked to my backpack. The rest of the flight was uneventful and I found all of my bags when we reached Windhoek.  My driver was there waiting on me and took me to the Arebbusch Hotel. I checked in, grabbed a shower, stretched out on the bed and chilled out for the afternoon. When dinnertime rolled around, I headed toward the restaurant.  I am not a fan of eating by myself, but the drinks were cold and the ribs were good. I took a beer to go and went for a short walk to stretch my legs before heading back. I enjoyed the beer while watching a movie and drifted off to sleep.

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