Safari 2018 #50 1st Problem Solved

by david on October 11, 2019

I was jealous and relieved all at the same time.  Peter was going to get his chance, but he was going to have to do it in 12-foot-tall reeds with severely limited visibility.  It is a pure adrenaline rush and dangerous as all get out. You could literally walk into an elephant if you were not careful.  That would not be good. While Peter, Byron and crew prepared to go in, we hightailed it back to the truck and climbed on top to watch the hunt from a safe distance.  We could see the largest elephants but had no idea where the hunters were. We watched and waited, then waited and watched some more. Almost an hour passed when we got a text from Byron.  The old cow the game scout wanted them to take was behind some other elephants and they could not see her well enough to get a shot. The guys were forced into a small depression and could not get high enough for a clear shot and then make a clean getaway.  Byron left Peter in our old observation spot with the tracker and Craig, well away from the elephants, and then came our way for a conference. The problem was there was a decent size bull in the way. He was not big enough for a trophy but the game scout considered him too good for the festival.  Byron was becoming more irked with the game scout by the second as this was the only elephant that offered a shot. If they waited until the herd changed position, they may not get a shot at all due to the high reeds. They were just about to start back to the spot, where they left Peter, when the head game scout called and wanted to know where the blankety-blank elephant was and proceeded to tell Byron just what he thought about the situation.  The head game scout was catching grief from the Chief due to there being no elephant to be served for the festival. It was now Friday and the festival started in less than 24 hours. The Chief was not happy and his unhappiness was making the head game scout unhappy and that unhappiness was going to roll downhill and land on Byron. Byron told him they were working on it but were unable to shoot at the moment. The whole situation was pushing every button Byron had and he was frustrated to say the least.  Johann thought for a moment and told Byron to call the game scout’s boss back. “Tell the boss the game scout won’t let you shoot the bull that was in the way and would he please tell the game scout to let them shoot the bull or give you a break for playing by the rules.” There was an extremely brief conversation between game scout and boss. The group headed back to take the bull or cow, whichever presented a shot first. Twenty minutes later (and over four hours after Johann and I first found the elephants), shots rang out and the festival had the meat they needed.

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