Safari 2018 #47 War Council

by david on October 4, 2019

During lunch and after a brief war council Johann and Byron decided we should all head back to the Island.  Byron and Peter would take up a blocking position while Johann and I slowly drove along the river and then towards the island.  We hoped that we would catch the elephants coming in, then we would make sure Peter got a shot. With plans made, we decided to have a brief rest and then head out as soon as the heat of the day started to wane.  Well, it was one heck of an idea. Unfortunately, we saw as many elephants as we had during the previous day’s hunting. It was a long and silent ride back to camp. During dinner everyone’s frustration was evident.  The only conversation was limited to small talk, or not talk at all. After dinner, we retired to the fire pit with drinks in hand. Another war council was held, this time with all of us involved. Johann thought that Byron should take Peter back to the island to try to catch the elephants coming out (provided they went back in), but Byron wanted to go to the other side of the concession to look for the elephants they heard the other day.  In the end, they were going to the other side and we were going to the island.

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