Safari 2018 #42 Time Warp?

by david on September 23, 2019

Two old bulls. For the moment blissfully unaware of our presence. Two old bulls. For the moment blissfully unaware of our presence.


The whole process only took seconds and the rest of the herd had not processed what had happened yet.  They eventually moved off at their leisure. I wonder if they ever really knew what happened. Meanwhile, we stayed behind the reeds and let our heart rate and adrenaline levels return to somewhere near normal.  There are four things I really enjoy about dangerous game hunting. First is the surge of adrenaline and excitement. You know that what you are hunting can end you as easily as you can end it, and a host of emotions coming with that make one feel remarkably self-aware and alive.  Second is what I call the time-warp effect. The actual time from getting into the final shooting position, pulling the trigger, making sure the animal is actually down, and breathing again when it is all over takes only seconds or at most one or two minutes. It can seem like hours.  Time seems to stand still or, at the very least, like a motion picture frame by frame type of slow motion. Each individual frame imprinted indelibly in my mind, making a memory so vivid there is no possible way to forget. Three and four are separate but related: the team, and old friends. The team is the group you put together to come along on your adventure.  This team is vital to your success. The team can be made up of old friends or complete strangers. Old friends have a way of making each hunt special, and dangerous game hunts even more so. You know each person well enough to accurately anticipate each other’s reaction in a given situation. You also completely trust the other to have your back, no matter what.  Strangers do not stay strangers for long. You quickly pick up on each other’s personalities and strengths. Trust necessarily builds quickly in a situation where the life of the other is in your hands. You may start as strangers, but you will end as friends, and if you have the opportunity to hunt together again and again, very good friends.

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