Safari 2018 #39 Book Minimum plus 2 3/4″

by david on September 13, 2019

Old mature waterbuck. Old mature waterbuck.


My waterbuck was down and he was beyond great. Jonas had been watching everything through binoculars and knew what to do next.  Johann had told him that when the waterbuck went down to bring the truck and position it between the animal and the river. This would shield us from any boats or game drives that might pass by.  We hurriedly took some pictures, trying to use the last of the natural light and loaded my trophy in the back of the Landcruiser. The back of the truck was very full, with the waterbuck, two trackers, two game scouts, and Mikey.  We had one more stop to make before we went home. We had to deliver the waterbuck to the Salambala main camp. There they would skin and cape the animal for my trophy and the meat would be divided up for some of the local people.  Once there, Johann pulled out his trusty tape measure and my trophy made the magic 30” mark with three quarters of an inch to spare. Absolutely “fandamntastic”. With measurements taken and trophy delivered, we dropped George off at his village and headed home.  It was well past sundowner time, but a brandy toast was in order. It had been a wonderful day.

One of my dearedt friends and PH, Johann Veldsman One of my dearest and best friends, PH Johann Veldsman


One loaded down Landcruiser and a very happy group. Yours truly included. One loaded down Landcruiser and a very happy group. Yours truly included.

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