Safari 2018 #31 A pleasant afternoon.

by david on August 23, 2019

Sunset on the floodplain Sunset on the floodplain


31    One more stop to pick up the Salambala game scout and it was off to look for waterbuck.  We saw several likely candidates but none worthy of the first day. I was looking for a thirty incher and these were only in the mid-twenties.  Nonetheless, it was a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. Glassing and moving from one area to the next, with the scenery constantly changing, and finally a beautiful sunset was relaxing and made for a wonderful way to wrap up the day.

Johann and Peter were already in camp when we got back and had their feet up around the fire.  Fire in this heat you might ask? Well, for some reason, nights away from the southern half of the Caprivi were almost 20 degrees cooler than the area we had just left.  It was a welcome change. Short pants, short-sleeved shirts, and bare feet were very comfortable. After a quick wash of my hands and face, I was enjoying a brandy and Coke around the fire myself.  It was good to see Peter and swap hunting stories since we had last met. Dinner was ready and we enjoyed braised lamb shanks, red wine, and local vegetables. Everyone was tired and retired after only one after dinner drink around the fire.  A hot shower and temperatures cold enough to sleep under the covers were just what the doctor ordered. Sleep found me quickly

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