Safari 2018 #29 Last night at Lianshulu

by david on August 19, 2019

Lianshulu's lantern chandelier Lianshulu’s lantern chandelier


We made it back to the lodge in time to clean up a bit before the evening round of cocktails.  Against the advice of Lianshulu, I opened all the windows and doors, anything that had a screen and would let some of the heat and smell out.  I was going to do my dead level best to get some sleep tonight.

This was my last evening with my bride and our friends.  We ordered some special wine with dinner and it was perfect with the kudu filets.  I loved hearing their stories about touring the village, but would’ve much preferred being in the bush hunting.  I was smart enough not to let that on during the dinner conversation. We all would have liked to stay up late and relive the adventures of the last week and a half, but all good things must come to an end and everyone was heading somewhere tomorrow.  I was heading to hunting camp and the others back home to the states. Sorting, packing and a shower were the order of the evening. Opening everything in the chalet earlier made a world of difference. We could pack in relative comfort and I managed to sleep.  The local herd of elephants woke me up a time or two while on their nightly promenade throughout the camp.

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