Safari 2018 #24 Lianshulu

by david on August 7, 2019

Always welcome after a long hot day, sundowners on the deck. Always welcome after a long hot day, sundowners on the deck.


Lianshulu was nice, but hotter than He- double toothpicks.  It had to be better than 95 degrees inside our Chalet, so all we did was drop off our luggage.  They had also recently reapplied creosote to the timbers, making the rooms absolutely unpleasant to be in.  We almost immediately made our way back to the lodge to find something cool to drink. It was open, and therefore cooler, and the lack of creosote fumes made it infinitely more pleasurable.  We had a round of sundowners around a small fire pit of the deck. Byron and I finalized the plans for the hunt in the morning and he headed off to visit a friend.

Dinner was very good and in the open air.  What little air that stirred felt wonderful and made the dinner pleasant.  The entrée, dessert, and wine ran out before any of us were ready to return to the saunas that doubled as bedrooms.  The evening was over and it was time to be escorted to our rooms. I was getting tired of being escorted and could not wait to get to hunting camp in dangerous game territory so I could walk around on my own.  As soon as I got inside, I opened all the doors, windows, and anything else that had a screen and even a remote possibility of exchanging the hot air for some the cooler temperatures outside. I was partially successful.  The creosote smell dissipated but the heat did not. Worse yet, we were asked not to leave the windows open all night since the screens were little deterrent to any of the local wildlife that might wander in looking for a midnight snack.  I wedged a few open at a level too small to allow anything big and nasty to enter and headed off to take my shower. The water was plenty cold and felt wonderful. The sweat returned before I could dry all the way off. I was too hot to sleep, even with the serenade by the elephants and hippos.  Worse yet, my tossing and turning kept my better half awake. Oops.

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