Safari 2018, Post #12, Moving Day

by david on July 12, 2019

Monday, September 17

Moving day again.  The boat started moving at 6:45 am, waking Janice and me up.  We went ahead and got up, and were packed by 7:45. Packing for this leg was important.  We had to meet an even more restrictive weight limit for the charter flight to Savute. We even had to bring an ‘extra-stuffable” cloth suitcase to accommodate the small plane’s cargo hold.  My packing completed left me time for at least two cups of coffee on deck before breakfast. I was definitely going to miss my early morning coffee on the water. The slow and easy movement down the river was pleasant and relaxing.  Yup, I was going to miss this. Breakfast turned out to be a disappointment. I made one last attempt at eggs over easy. I have tried asking for them over easy, over light over very easy, and finally over with runny yolks. They always came back with cracked yolks and cooked firm.  Maybe Savute Safari lodge could cook eggs.

Everyone was getting tired of changing locations, but we were all excited to start a new adventure and see a new place as well.  I guess that is the curse/conundrum of travel. To see new places, you have to change locations. Too bad I am not a person who enjoys the journey.  The journey started by loading all the luggage into one boat, with all of us in another boat. I was a little curious at first but then it dawned on me this way we could go through customs and our luggage could go straight to the transfer vehicles.  Cool. We breezed through customs and out of Namibia at Impalila Island, and then back into the boat and across the river. Now it was up the riverbank into Botswana customs to have passports stamped back into Botswana (for the third time), and finally back into the truck for transfer to the airport and our charter with Safari Air.

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