Safari 2018, Post #11, Lots of Elephants.

by david on July 10, 2019

Sunday September 16

No early cruise today so we slept in until 7:00. I made it up slightly early in order to have one cup of coffee before sitting down to breakfast.  I so love the combination of morning solitude and a cup of coffee. Breakfast was all you could ask for. Lots of bacon, eggs, toast, jam, fruit, pastries, and fresh juices — everything that makes breakfast one of my favorite meals.  It was a good thing the morning cruise left fairly soon otherwise I may have had breakfast until lunch time. The morning air felt pretty good while we were moving but as soon as we stopped it warmed up and got sticky pretty quickly. I was glad we did not stay in any one place for very long.  The game this morning consisted of lots of impala and lots of elephants.

Back for lunch and a quick nap.  The boat’s A/C felt very good. The afternoon boat ride had all of us except for John on board.  He wanted to stay back and just chill out for the afternoon. I should have stayed with him. While we were out, he got to see a group of wild dogs come down to the water to drink.  All we saw were more elephants. One of the largest groups (250-300) I have ever seen but more jumbo’s none the less. Wild dogs are one African animal I have yet to witness and was pretty jealous.

Lots of Elephants Lots of Elephants


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Swimming Elephants, a small group on the way to joining the herd

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