Safari 2018, A Touring and Hunting Combo Part 9 Morning on the water.

by david on July 6, 2019

Saturday, September 15

Finally — a cool morning. The coffee was hot and ready when promised.  The aroma of the coffee blended perfectly with the crispness of the African dawn and I was sure it was going to be a remarkable day.  A cursory scan of the river revealed several hippos up on the river bank. They were completely out of the water, providing some great pictures.  I filled my travel mug, and eased my better half toward the launch. Regrettably, some other boats came too close too fast and pushed the pod back into the water.  No matter. I was enjoying the morning and my coffee. It was just Janice, John, and Barbara this morning. The rest of our shipmates decided to sleep in. We saw lots of birds, including Janice’s favorite, the Malachite King Fisher.  There was another pod of hippos but these were in the water. Other than that, not much was moving. Perhaps it was the cool air that put the animals off but I was enjoying every moment of it. The worst part of the morning was that my coffee cup had run dry some time back and I was in desperate need of more of the magic elixir.

Breakfast was served at 9:00.  We timed our return to allow just enough time for bladder emptying and a quick wash of our hands and faces.  No sooner than I had opened the door to our cabin than that wonderful smell of freshly brewed coffee wafted my way.  I honestly think I levitated up the stairs, pulled by the aroma. After filling my cup and having that all-important first sip, I noticed the rest of the breakfast spread.  The feast included: good granola cereal, meats and cheeses, lots of fruit, and eggs cooked to order, with bacon and toast. It was going to be a great morning.

John, Bruce, and I headed out to try our hand at tiger fishing.  The rest headed out for another game cruise. It was great to be on the water, pursuing one of my favorite pastimes, but someone forgot to let the fish in on the idea.  No tiger fish, but I caught a ± 24 inch catfish and the others caught some pan fish. No one got skunked, but we did not set the world on fire either. It was a good morning.  When we got back for lunch we discovered the girls had another breakdown. The boat hit something in the river and broken the shear pin that held the propeller to the outboard motor’s driveshaft.  I was beginning to think the girls may have a jinx on them. At least they had cell phone signal and another boat was able to bring spare parts and ferry the rest home. The guys were to go fishing again that afternoon, depending on how long the repairs took.

Other River Traffic Other River Traffic Janice's favorite the Malachite King Fisher with his breakfast Janice’s favorite the Malachite King Fisher with his breakfast


Fishing for tigers Fishing for tigers


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