Safari 2018, A Touring and Hunting Combo Part 7 Muchenje Game Drive

by david on July 1, 2019

Thursday, September 13

After breakfast a game drive is on the agenda and as it progresses I am feeling better by the minute.  Perhaps it is our guide AB’s sense of humor, combined with the game we are seeing, that takes my mind off of my “out of sorts-ness”, and the morning goes nicely.  We see just about everything but leopards and rhinos. Lunch was good, but eating reminded me I did not feel good so I only nibbled. We saw much more wildlife in the afternoon including spending 40 minutes with a lion pride.  One slight side note here. The Land Rover we were in broke a fuel line and left us stranded for a while. AB had to hike out to find some help. The lodge sent another vehicle with (hopefully) the proper repair parts. We swapped vehicles while the other guys stayed behind to repair the Rover.

Dinner was ribs (one of my favorite entrées), ox tail, steamed veggie, mashed potatoes, and potato and leek soup.  I was hungry again and ate, but was afraid to overdo things. The conversation was lively and company interesting. We topped off the meal with cheese cake and a brandy.

I excused myself a little early and get my shower and into bed at a decent hour.  We just have time to get to sleep soundly and the power goes out. That in itself is not really an issue, but the emergency light comes on and wakes me up.  After I am good and awake, it dawns on me that, with no power, the A/C is also not likely to be working. After about 30 minutes the power comes back on but the A/C does not. It must be on some kind of overload circuit and there isn’t enough power coming down the line for it to operate.  I made do with turning up the ceiling fan to its whirlwind/cyclone setting and managed to get back to sleep.


The lioness and her cubs were the highlight of the day The lioness and her cubs were the highlight of the day Cute as cute can be. Cute as cute can be.

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