Safari 2018 #21 Campfre Tales Part 2

by david on July 31, 2019

The perfect after dinner location. The perfect after dinner location.


The second story also has to do with lions but this time the guests were Australian, a family with two teenage daughters.  Turns out they wanted to hear lions roar. They put in the special request to Baba and he wanted to do his best to fulfill his guest wishes.  The five of them set off a little before dusk to find the local pride. When Baba finds them, he pulls up close inadvertently parking in between two males.  Baba knows that during the day as the sun moves across the sky some of the pride members will get up to move back into the shade and inadvertently out of sight from the rest of the group.  Sometimes when this happens the dominant male will sound a location call to allowing the straying members a way to locate the rest of the pride. The calls can get very loud and are audible for 9 kilometers (about 5 miles).  It was Baba’s hope, that particular night would be one of those nights when a locator call was necessary and thus his guest could hear a bona fide lion roar. As the last of the sun dips below the trees and the evening cooling begins, the male that Baba was watching started to stir.  He got up and looked around and issued a low to middle volume locator call. This was all well and good, but the problem was his brother on the other side of the truck heard the call but could not see his brother and let out a locator call of his own, slightly louder than that of his brother.  Neither cat could see the other one; thus, the calls kept getting louder and louder. Baba was extremely pleased with himself and he had granted the clients’ wish. Not only were they able to hear the lions roar, but they had front row seats and the show was in stereo. However, when Baba looked around, his clients were nowhere to be seen.  He finally heard a moan and looked down. The mother was flat on the floorboard between the front and second row seats with her hands covering her head and ears. The father was one row further back and had one daughter under each arm, pushing them into the floorboard doing his best to protect them from the onslaught of noise. When he noticed Baba looking back at him, his only words were ‘start the [expletive] truck”.  When they got back to the lodge, the clients went straight to their chalet and did not come out until they left the next morning. Having heard lions from a distance myself, I can only imagine how blood curdling the noise must have been from only a few yards away. I guess you should be careful what you ask for. Stories told, cigars cold and glasses drained, it was the end of a perfect evening.

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