Safari 2018, A Touring and Hunting Combo Part 4

by david on June 24, 2019

For those of you unfamiliar with the Victoria Falls Hotel, she is as spectacular as the falls themselves.  Built in 1903, during the British Colonial period, it was to be a rest stop along the Cape to Cairo Railroad.  If you ignore the electric lights and modern clothing of the guests, you could believe you were in Africa in 1903.  The hotel really has not changed that much and the African wildlife still manages to find its way onto the manicured lawns, much to the chagrin of the groundskeeper.  The bathrooms with water tanks high on the wall over the WC along with the black and white ceramic tile have changed little in looks. The rooms have four poster beds with mosquito netting, sitting on teak floors.  To soak up more ambience and tradition, and if you wish to travel with a suit and tie, there is a formal dining room with silver, fine china, and crystal. I imagine the fare and service is as it was 100 years ago. Pricing, on the other hand, has kept pace with entrees starting in the $100 range.

Not wishing to travel with a suit and tie, we opted for the outdoor buffet.  The food selection, show and the formal dining rooms price tag made this a no brainer. The buffet in totality was about 40 feet in length and the food ran the gambit from kudu, gemsbok, crocodile, roast beef, chicken curry, oxtail, and all the way to sushi, and just about everything else in between.  The dessert bar was stocked with chocolate mousse, crème brulee, pastries, cake, pie, cookies, and ice cream. I gained 5 pounds just by walking by it. We ate more than our fill. Since it had been a long day, the girls decided to turn in but, John and I had made other plans.

We headed to Stanley’s bar just off the hotel courtyard.  John had brought along some Cohiba and Fuente cigars and there is nothing much better than sitting under the stars enjoying a cigar with a snifter of brandy.  We sat off to the side of the patio so we would not disturb anyone with our smoke. We were quite pleased with the evening and enjoying ourselves, when something quite curious started to happen.  Gentlemen from everywhere started following their noses directly to our location. Not to complain, but to enjoy the aroma of the cigars and lament the fact their wives would not let them join us.  That really put a grin on our faces and we completed our evening in a most satisfactory way.

A grand staircase in the Victoria Falls Hotel. A grand staircase in the Victoria Falls Hotel. The Victoria Falls Hotel, Victoria Falls Zimbabwe The Victoria Falls Hotel, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe Stanley's Room, Victoria Falls Hotel. Zimbabwe Stanley’s Room, Victoria Falls Hotel. Zimbabwe  A good cigar outside Stanley's Bing image A good cigar outside Stanley’s







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