Why I Go to Africa and Why I Love it 4/13

by david on July 11, 2018

Speaking of locals, the people I have met over there ARE the reason I keep going back. I can hunt anywhere, but the friends I made when I started hunting Africa all those many years ago are the best. I put my life in their capable hands time and time again. I trust them completely. In return for the trust and friendship, I have gained experience and knowledge. While I am still client and they are professional hunters, I am no longer the “newbie”. They teach me something new each and every trip. We are of kindred spirit. Our love of nature and everything in it is the glue binding us together. Whether it is hunting, photography, tracking, or just enjoying each other’s company around the above-mentioned fire, we are of one mind. We reunite as friends but by the end of the trip, we are more brother than buddy.

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