Why I Go to Africa and Why I Love it 12/13

by david on July 25, 2018

Lastly, it is nice to get away from all of the rigmarole, hustle and bustle, social media, and network T.V. here in the civilized world. This is not to say that is not available in Africa, but it does not have to be foremost in your daily activities. “Unplugging” can do more good for you than most folks realize. I know it does for me. I have cell / internet to check in if I like, and the folks back home can find me if I am needed, but this amount of technology is the exception rather than the rule. With no T.V. or other technology interrupting you, things like having an actual conversation, rather than letters on a screen, over a shared meal can happen. It is amazing how much more you can glean from a conversation when words accompany actual eye contact. You can see the expressions and body language of the people you are talking to. Rekindling past friendships and making new friends become the normal rather than whatever happens to be trending on social media.

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