A response to the African hunting trophy ban. My personal thoughts. Part 4

by david on December 5, 2017

Last thing I want to mention and one of the things I want folks to think about is who the heck are we (Americans) that we think we can tell people in another country how to live and what they can do or not do with their animals within their borders. What would you do if someone if far, far away Africa that has no idea of how you live or what you go through on a day to day basis did something that cost you your only means of support and as a result you and your family was in danger of starving, losing your home, and quite possibly your lives? I would tend to be pretty upset. Who are these far away strangers that think they are all knowing and almighty to tell me what I can’t to make a living and feed my family.

Think about it like this for a second. What if there was a ban on American automobiles because somewhere someone did not like the way we did things here in the US. Sorta the same thing. We can keep making cars and foreigners can drive them over here but they can’t take them home.  How long before resources go elsewhere and the US auto industry is only a shell of its former self and your source of income is gone forever all because someone, somewhere thought they know better than anyone else and decided to force their will on people they will never know or have any idea how badly the decision hurt them.

The animal populations will be determined by one of three things. First and my favorite is licensed and regulated hunting. This is run through a trifecta of government, Professional Hunters Associations, and science. The groups work together to figure out how many animals need to be killed to insure slow steady population growth so there is always game to hunt. This is also balanced with human, animal conflict and if an area has too many of something to support the population. If there are too many animals and not enough food starvation is sure to follow. Option #2 is to move the hunting operations out and allow the poachers to poach and the farmers to poison (remember the wildlife will eat them out of house and home). Both of these will result in areas devoid of any game. The poachers will move on to start again elsewhere and the farmers will be happy until some game starts eating their crops again and the poison will come off the shelves again. Option #3 is for folks to simply say leave wildlife alone and it will take care of itself and hope for the best. Put your heads in the sand and completely ignore the fact that option #2 will start within days of the absence of organized patrols and human presence. Africa simply does not have the resources to patrol an area three times the size of the US to keep animals safe. Those folks are simply too busy trying to feed themselves and survive. Wildlife will always lose with option’s #2 and #3.


Once again, please look things up on your own and verify things for yourself. Also if any or all of this resonates with you please share it and let someone else read it.


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