A response to the African hunting ban. My personal thoughts.

by david on November 27, 2017



First things first.  I am going to simply state facts as I know them. I am not writing this to preach to the choir or talk down to the folks unfamiliar with trophy hunting in Africa. I will also ask you to not take my word for it but to look things up for yourselves. Please look for both sides of the story as we all know it is hard to find the whole truth. So please Google, Bing or whatever you do to find things out, but please do not take my word for things look them up. I also want to share a point of view that most non-hunters are unfamiliar with. My hope is for the readers to take a few moments to think about this point of view with logic and without emotion. I know this is an emotional issue for some but when emotion takes over, logic and common sense tend to leave the conversation. I have a sneaking suspicion that when I get started this will be too long for one reading so I am going to break it into four parts. Please read, please verify, and please think on it.


Part 1:

If you look at the PSA’s flooding FB and other places you are lead to believe that Elephant populations are crashing worldwide.  The truth is in certain African nations the populations are declining, but in the two countries in question with the current ban (Zambia, and Zimbabwe) the populations are stable. In some neighboring countries like Namibia, and close by South Africa the populations are actually increasing. I should point out these two countries strongly promote hunting. It is odd that these countries that promote hunting have increasing populations of elephants and other game while Kenya (outlawed all hunting in 1977) has lost 70% of all its game. Yes elephant/game populations are decreasing in some areas but, it is the only areas that either do not hunt or hunt in such a small manner the benefits of hunting are negligible. Just in case you are wondering I am getting my information from the “Save the Elephants” group “Great Elephant Census”.  It was their conclusion that poaching and habitat loss were to blame over any consequence hunting had.

One other small fact that you need to keep in mind is that Africa is huge.  It is a little more than three times the US. I point this out to give a little balance to things. The white tail deer is common throughout the US but is NOT in every area. Elk are plentiful in the west but not in the east. You can add species after species and the observation would be the same. I mention this because if someone says “the elephant population in Africa is limited to a few small areas” they are telling the truth but not the whole truth. Elephants and other game animals are not everywhere in Africa and never have been. To assume they have been is wrong and uninformed.

I’ll never say anything with 100% certainty because someone somewhere will find one small exception to the certainty and make me out to be a liar. So I bring up my next point like this. In almost all cases where elephants and other wildlife used to roam but no longer do is due to the everyday ordinary Homo sapiens. We have taken the animals’ habitat away from them. Be it farms, villages, or cities we have moved in and forced them out. Hunting did not take away their habitat civilization did. Matter of fact hunting requires the natural unspoiled habitat for the animals we pursue to live and thrive in.

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