Safari, Namibia 2016: Next Link In The Chain. Blog #22 “Birthday Party and Farewells”

by david on June 26, 2017

The morning of our departure meant packing our final odds and ends and heading home. But first it meant a big breakfast and a chance at one more round of goodbyes. We took our time and enjoyed the morning.

One unexpected item on today’s agenda was a birthday party for Zoe’s dog, Sophie. It was the dog’s second birthday and that obviously required a celebration. There was cake (doggie and people) presents, and even a dog show/competition for the Veldsman’s three dogs: Sophie the dachshund; Savana, a Bavarian Mountain hound, who was the tracking dog; and Tasha, the German Shepard and watchdog. All three put on a good performance, but it was Sophie’s day and she won the competition. With the party over and everything loaded up, it really was time to leave. One last round of goodbyes and it was time to leave my home away from home and start back towards my everyday reality. A reality filled with telephones, TV, computer screens, keyboards, and all of the other things folks seem to have to have these days. I knew I’d fall right back in among them when I get home but I will sure miss having to miss all of those things.

With a belly full of breakfast and birthday cake, I soon nodded out on the way back to Windhoek. I came to when Josh and Doug stopped at a Namibian “KFC” for fuel and some lunch. I got an order of wings more out of curiosity than hunger and they were actually not bad, different but definitely tasty. We made it into Windhoek and our accommodations for the evening. The place was called the Arebbush. The rooms were very, very, nice but we must have caught the chef on a bad night. The breakfast buffet the next morning made up for last night’s dinner and we pigged out.

We headed towards the airport with a few stops planned for some souvenir shopping. Bad plan. It was Sunday morning and everywhere was closed until after we had to be at the airport. Josh says he knows a place and even calls to make sure it is open. When we got there, I could hardly believe my eyes. There is this place between Windhoek and the airport with all of these pink zebras and all sorts of multicolored critters out front that I had dismissed for years as Namibia’s biggest tourist trap. Turns out it was a tourist spot but a very nice one. In addition to being a top shelf taxidermist shop, they had all sorts of arts, crafts, clothing, skins, jewelry, anything and everything a tourist could want. Doug and I both found everything we wanted and more. Turns out our shot in the dark was a stroke of luck. Next stop:  Hosea Kutako International Airport and the first leg of our trip home.


Sophie’s Birthday Party Sophie’s Birthday Party

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