Safari, Namibia 2016: Next Link In The Chain. Blog #11 “Brunch and Moving Day”

by david on May 1, 2017

Today was a little unusual in that the early start was for a continuation of the CHC meeting. The meeting convened at 7:00 and while we discussing business, Doug was attempting to get down to business with a gemsbok. At least one group had a modicum of success. Johann, Byron, Ruan, and I managed to get a great deal discussed and ironed out by our self-imposed 10:00 am brunch. Doug, Johnas, and Josh did not fare, as well as they were once again returning without a gemsbok.

A brunch in safari camp is a treat all to itself. At Tualuka, anyway, it is quite a spread. There are eggs, bacon, sausages, yogurt, granola, sliced cheese and meats, with different breads and muffins. Two to three different kinds of juice and a boat load of coffee are available to wash it all down. Unlike a regular pre-hunt breakfast, the pace is more relaxed and the conversation is more about the other things that make life good. Over the course of a few hours, all seems to be right with the world. It is one very pleasant way to spend the morning.

After brunch, there was some more informal CHC discussion and time for a nap. The nap had to be short, however, as today was moving day, with some packing involved. Doug was heading to Ruan’s camp so he could try for gemsbok in a fresh location. When they pulled out, it was like a mini convoy. Ruan, Byron, Johnas, Josh and Doug all headed out at the same time for the same place. The three vehicles departed in a cloud of dust. I found myself wondering if that’s how things were in the old days when the whole camp was moved from place to place. As game got scarce (like the gemsbok), or a different species was to be targeted (like eland), the whole camp was packed up and moved to fresh territory. As I thought about it a while longer, I realized I was trying to picture what it would be like to move to an area that few other whites had seen before. The daydream was soon shattered when it came our time to leave.

Johan, Ben, and I were headed back to Ekongo for eland. We had one little errand to complete first. We had to drop Zoe off at the location for her carpool back to school. With hugs completed and goodbyes said, we were back on the road. We made it to Ekongo with about 45 minutes of shooting light left and decided to hunt our way to the lodge. We manage to find a lone wildebeest, but it wanted nothing to do with us and decided to make itself scarce. We make to the lodge in time for some sundowners. We have another guest for dinner, Sonya. She had just finished up her graduate degree in Germany and was taking some time before joining the rest of the working world. It was a pleasure to share the meal and conversation with such an intelligent and attractive young lady. Add Hobie and Stephie into the mix, and the stage was set for a wonderful evening. Dinner was very nice and I hated to say goodnight when I did. There was going to be a lot of walking in the morning and I wanted to be well-rested.


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