Safari, Namibia 2016: Next Link In The Chain. Blog #2 “On to Namibia”

by david on March 30, 2017

Doug and I survived the long flight relatively unscathed and were greeted by the Gracy Travel folks as soon as we stepped off the plane. They escorted us to the front of the customs lines, and then on to baggage claim. Our luggage did not show, but our gun cases did. They then escorted us to the police station where our Gracy Travel paperwork (filled out ahead of time) allowed us to breeze through that process as well. I know I have spoken about them before, but I really can’t say enough good things about them. If you are ever considering traveling to Africa, let Gracy book your flights and set you up with their “greet and meet”. It is well worth the effort.

We got checked into the City Lodge, located in the airport, and headed down for dinner.  The meal was good and it was nice to have South African brandy again.  It was Father’s Day that day and I brought the cards from by daughters along.  Opening the cards was a nice way to wind down the evening.

Gracy’s staff was there at 7:00 AM to reverse the whole process and guide us through the airport. They were with us until we were checked in and in the security line.  The flight to Namibia was uneventful, except for the fact that SAA forgot to put Namibian customs forms on the plane. Since we could not fill them out on the plane, there was a mad rush in the terminal. The delay from filling out the forms in the customs area resulted in a long wait for everyone. Little brother and I made it through, though. We collected our bags and headed to the Namibian Police office to collect our rifles. As usual, the police officers were courteous and efficient. It only took a few minutes.  We were done and out into the airport lobby, where Mr. V was waiting. It was good to see Johann again and I was actually looking forward to the four hour drive to Outju. The hours went by quickly as he and Doug got to know each other a little better and I got caught up on what had happened since I had last visited. Once we reached Outjo, we took a little time to see Johann’s daughter, Zoe, and his parents. I would not consider the trip complete unless I got to spend a little time with them.

Another hour and a half passed and we were turning off road to go to the lodge. I can’t help not think back to my first trip as it was just after dark when I arrived in camp for the first time. As the gear was being off loaded we were greeted by Jonas and Esther two of Johann’s most senior employees. We also were introduced to Ilouwna and Josh the most recent hires.  She was running the camp office for Johann and he was helping out wherever needed. The post sundown, sundowners were soon poured and we sat back to wait for dinner (stuffed zebra filet) to grill. It is great to be back to my home away from home.


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