Safari 2014: The Caprvi Strip / Update 05/26/2014 Daydream Adventure

by david on May 26, 2014

I am at the point now where almost all of the trip’s preliminary preparation is done and the things left to do cannot be done until right before the trip.  With nothing to occupy my mind, I find myself in that pleasant little spot where my mind can wonder about on its own and there is no telling where it may end up.

Since I am going on an “own use” elephant hunt and will be giving the entire animal to the community, I will have to make memories for my trophies.  If my daydreaming is any indication, those memories may be some doozies.  In my mind’s eye, my elephant will be a ”one-tusk wonder”, that is an elephant with one magnificent tusk while the other tusk is a broken-off stub.  This would make the elephant a poor trophy and qualify it for an own use elephant.  Being a one-tusked wonder would also have the added benefit of giving my elephant a particularly bad attitude.  The bad attitude would result in him charging me and require a spectacular frontal brain shot for me to save the day.  If my elephant was not to be a one-tusked wonder, perhaps he could be a crop raider and a man killer.  This problem-elephant status would significantly up the danger and excitement factors.  I would have to stalk close, very close, to make the shot a sure one, and do so without being seen, smelt or heard.  Of course, in my daydream, the wind would shift at the last second, alerting the elephants to our presence and result in a mass charge to get rid of the intruders.  Once again, a spectacular shot would be required of me and then we would have to dodge all the other elephants by “cutting wind” or staying consistently downwind from them.  The elephant’s eyesight is poor enough that the animal is forced to rely on its sense of smell to locate danger.  By staying downwind we can lose the elephants without getting squashed in the process.  See how this works.  If you can use your imagination, you can have many, many adventures before the trip has a chance to begin.  What a wonderful thing the imagination is and I am thankful for a little daydreaming time.

Next week is daydreaming, part two: a new world record?

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