Safari 2014: The Caprvi Strip / Update 04/14/2014 “The Pride of the Zambezi”

by david on April 14, 2014

After an overnight in Windhoek, our next stop in is Katima, in the Zambezi Region (formerly the Caprivi Strip), in northeastern Namibia.  We should arrive in Katima in the midafternoon and will check into the Fish Eagles Nest B&B.  The B&B will be a jumping-off place for our river cruise on the “Pride of the Zambezi” houseboat.  One more night to shake off the jet lag and fatigue from international travel will be a welcome respite.  My friend, Johann, likes the place and “Trip Advisor” gives it good marks.  Best of all, they will store my rifles while we are on the houseboat. 

 After breakfast, on August 17th, Janice and I will be shuttled to the Kasane border crossing by Caprivi Adventures in Borger Crossing.  Now is when things get a little convoluted, but, after all, it is Africa.  At Kasane, we cross into Zimbabwe.  After we cross there, we are taken by water taxi to Impalila Island, where we cross back into Namibia.  I am not even going to attempt to figure out the logic of this, but I have been assured it happens to numerous people on a daily basis and things will progress smoothly. Impalila Island is where we will board the “Pride of the Zambezi” for our cruise.  After boarding, we will have two full days on-board the boat before disembarking and reversal of the whole border crossing process. 

The “Pride of the Zambezi” is a luxury, all-inclusive floating resort.  All food and beverages (including house beer and wine) are included, and it should prove to be a great experience.  The boat is comprised of three decks.  The top deck is a single en suite room with its own observation deck.  The middle deck has the lounge, bar, and dining area.  It is open on multiple sides for unobstructed viewing.  There is even a plunge pool to cool off in after a long day of game viewing.  The bottom deck has five more en suit rooms with large windows for easy wildlife viewing.  The rooms have mosquito netting if you like to sleep with the windows open.  Unless the weather is too cold, I will sleep with the windows open and fall asleep to the splashing of the waves and sounds of the African night. 

One aspect of the riverboat cruise that I really like is your hotel room travels with you.  I hate packing and unpacking, so this is really a plus for me.  Although I will probably be up anyway, the thought of lounging in bed and watching African wildlife come down to the river to drink intrigues me.  I may have to try that one morning.  Although my wife is not a “fisherperson”, I am extremely excited over the fishing opportunities.  All of my favorite authors of African tales have extolled the virtues of “tiger fishing” and I can hardly wait to try it.  To me, the tiger fish looks like a striped bass with a mouthful of teeth that would do a werewolf proud.  Some species of tiger fish reportedly can weigh up to 150lbs, although the species in the Zambezi and Chobe rivers are smaller.  I’ll have to be extra careful to make sure I keep all of my fingers.  I will also have a chance to catch some tilapia for dinner one evening.  If Janice is against spending some time fishing, she can go on an optional game drive into Chobe National Park for some great photo opportunities.  All in all, this should be a superb way to ease back into Africa and relax before the hunt.


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