Safari 2014: The Caprvi Strip / Update 04/07/2014

by david on April 6, 2014


            With details finalized and deposits paid, it is time to let you in on my itinerary and travel arrangements.  Right off the bat, I want to thank Johann Veldsman of Shona Hunting Adventures ( ), Byron Hart of Zambezi East Safaris, and Debbie Gracy of Gracy Travel ( ) for making everything possible.  While this is my first hunt with Bryon, I have dealt with Johann and Debbie for close to 10 years now and I can promise you they run first-class operations and treat everyone like family. 

            This year’s trip is a little different in that I am taking my bride of 30 years along for the ride.  This will be her second trip to Africa and the first where she will actually come along on part of the hunt with me.  In addition to the hunt, we will be taking a riverboat cruise on the “Pride of the Zambezi” and visiting Victoria Falls.  The riverboat should be a lot of fun as we will be able to see a constant stream of animals as they come to the river to drink.  This will be my first trip to an environment where I will be able to see crocodiles and hippos.  The fishing is also supposed to be spectacular and I am looking forward to catching my first tiger fish.  Being on the ground at Victoria Falls will also be a first for me.  I have flown over it before and the view is spectacular but the view on foot should also be grand.  The best part is Janice and I will be able to share the visit with Johann, his wife Vera, and their Daughter Zoe. 

            My wife has no interest in hunting but I want her to experience Africa from a boots-on-the-ground perspective.  There is something special about seeing the wildlife up close and personal with nothing but your wits and rifle between you and something that could very easily do you in.  I am not taking anything away from game drives, but getting close to wildlife (that is not use to safari vehicles) without the safety zone of comfort of a truck, is something you have to experience to truly appreciate.  After she has a good dose of being up close and personal on foot, she and the other ladies are going to another camp specializing in photographic safaris.  It will be a good break from the vigor of hunting camp and allow them to take things at their pace rather than the hunter’s pace.  I will describe each camp in a little more detail later, but I want to share my actual itinerary with you this week.   


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12 August 2014

Arrival at Hosea Kutako International Airport, Windhoek, Namibia

Transfer to Hotel Pension Onganga

Accommodation at Pension Onganga on a BB basis. 


13 August 2014

Windhoek – Katima Mulilo

Flight departs at: 10:15 Arrive in Katima At:12:50

Flight departs from Eros Airport, Windhoek

Transfer is arranged from Airport to Fish Eagles Nest.

Accommodation at Fish Eagles Nest on a BB basis. 



14 August 2014

Transfer by Caprivi Adventures to Kasane Border Crossing

Assistants is provided by Caprivi Adventures in Border Crossing.

Rifles will be stored at Fish Eagles Nest. 

Pickup by Water Shuttle at 14:00 and transferred to Impalila Island where you board the Pride of the Zambezi.


15 – 16August 2014

Pride of the Zambezi on a Full Board Basis.


17 August 2014

Pickup by Caprivi Adventures at Kasane Border Post and transfer to Hunting Camp

We will join up with you guys in camp


18 – 25 August 2014

Hunting Days


22 August 2014

Vera, Zoë and Janice checks in at Camp Chobe


26 August 2014

Drive to Vic Falls


27 August 2014

Vic falls


28 August 2014

Drive from Vic Falls to Katima

We will then continue back home and you will be checked into the Fish Eagles Nest

Accommodation at Fish Eagles Nest on a BB Basis


29 August 2014

Transfer to Airport at Katima by Fish Eagles Nest

Fly from Katima to WHK Eros airport

Flight Departs at 13:35 Arrives at 15.15

Spend the night at Pension Onganga


30 August 2014

Fly Out


            We are actually flying out of Atlanta on the 10th  of August on an overnight flight to Johannesburg and overnighting  on the 11th at a hotel in the airport.  Then we will fly to Windhoek on the 12th overnighting again before our flight to Katima.  Hopefully the overnighting will allow us to be fully rested from traveling before the fun starts.


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