First mention in a full-fledged hunting publication.

by david on December 20, 2013

I received one of the best e-mails ever from Mr. Dave Maas, Managing Editor for the North American Hunter magazine.  He wanted to send me a copy of the piece he did on my book.  Here it is, and yes I am doing the happy dance.

Safari 101
For the hunter who has always considered Africa out of reach, this 200-page book is a must-read. The myths of being too expensive or too difficult are firmly entrenched in many hunters’ minds, but Safari 101 proves these myths false. When author David Brown took his first safari, he was forced to rely on word of mouth for info, as all of the books he found were for photo safaris. In these pages, you learn from Brown’s experiences, as well as what he learned from professional hunters and outfitters.

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