Argentina 2013: A Wonderful Hunt and Fantastic Vacation: The girls go hunting for?

by david on October 9, 2013

With my location firmly entrenched in their minds and their credit cards firmly grasped in their hands, the girls set out on their mission impossible.  I could have sworn I saw Peter Graves and Tom Cruise duck around a corner, but I could be mistaken.  With my packages secure, my Ray-Bans on and unencumbered by a wife and daughters, I was free to engage in a pastime that had eluded me for several years, girl watching.  With all of the shops and supposed bargains around, this place was absolutely covered up with people of the feminine persuasion.  The next several hours were uneventful as the girls did not find anything to buy and I did not get into any trouble.  Sometime in the next hour, Kris and Jess found a bag that was sorta, kinda what they were after and, after much gnashing of teeth and other tortured deliberations, they purchased the bags and we were free to go.

One other benefit of my exile to the park bench was during one of the girl-watching lulls, I found a much shorter route to the subway.  We headed off in that direction and everything was going well until we ran back to the blue line and everything came to a screeching halt.  We were still one station away from our hotel, so there was only one thing to do.  We wore out the rest of our shoe leather.

We actually made it to the hotel in time to rest a few minutes before finalizing things for our trip to the airport.  We unchecked our bags and took over a corner of the lobby.  A change of clothes came out and we took turns in the bathroom changing into our travel clothes.  While one was changing, the rest of us were rearranging our luggage and packing our carry-on bags.  It must have looked strange to anyone walking by, but it served our purpose and we were eventually ready to go.  Edwardo was right on time and we headed to the airport.  Everything went along smoothly until we got to the airport.

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