Argentina 2013: A Wonderful Hunt and Fantastic Vacation: Dinner Time Fun

by david on October 1, 2013

On this night, we went to “Don Pichon” for dinner.  We went there for two reasons.  First off, it got 3Rs (received rave reviews) from everyone who had eaten there and, more importantly, it had a free shuttle.  With the rain, snow and other inclement weather, walking anywhere was not a pleasant proposition.  Our driver picked us up on time and delivered us to the front door of the restaurant.  The restaurant, itself, sits on top of a hill and probably had a great view when it was not socked in by bad weather.  It was after 8:00, but we had the place to ourselves.  On a side note here, it seems that the people of Argentina like eating late, between 9:00 and 10:00 pm.  We never got used to the idea and almost always were the first patrons in the restaurant.

We decided to try an appetizer our host at our hotel recommended.  He called it “Mollejas” which translated to “sweet bread” or “ris”.  After ordering it, we finally got the Wi-Fi to work and we translated it a little more thoroughly.  The more complete translation was “throat, gullet, or neck”.  Um, um good.  In all honesty, it was pretty tasty.  It was cooked in a wine reduction with mushrooms and onions.  For the main course, we chose a mixed BBQ to share.  It included chicken, lamb, beef, pork, chitlings, chorizo, and blood sausage.  It was good except for the blood sausage.  After the first two of us tried it, the other two declined to sample it.

As the second bottle of wine was running low, Kristine decided that everyone needed to have a quote for the trip and here is what we came up with.  I already told you mine earlier; it was, “I hate to travel, but I love going places”.  Kristine’s was, “If it looks like sweet potato and tastes like a sweet potato, it must be a cantaloupe”.  The three of the girls burst out laughing while I sat there with a puzzled look on my face, which seemed to make them laugh even harder.  Between fits of laughter they tried to explain that it had to do with some of my earlier analogies that made absolutely no sense to them.  I guess that is ok because I still don’t understand what they were talking and laughing about.  Jessica actually had two quotes.  The first was, “Don’t say that when I have a mouth full of wine”, which would make perfect sense to me if I could only remember what was said.  The second was in reference to her newfound ability to try new foods.  The quote was: “I do not have a lot of room, so I am filling myself up with mostly the good stuff and a little bit of the really bad stuff”.  I was never sure if it was the Mollejas or the blood sausage she was talking about.  Janice’s was:  “Why does that pizza smell like a fish?”, in reference to last night’s dinner snafu.

The rest of the night was spent poking fun at each other.  It was a quiet ride back to the hotel for some late-night internet access and a good night’s sleep.IMG_0591

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