Argentina 2013: A Wonderful Hunt and Fantastic Vacation; The Magic of Iguazu Falls Part 3

by david on September 9, 2013

The trailhead at the bottom of the tracks took a meandering route to a different location at the top of the falls.  This is a fairly easy walk and the grade is not too difficult.  The neat thing was the entire trail was entirely under a tropical canopy.  It was a little over a mile long and there were multiple overlooks where you could stop and take pictures.  It even crossed over some of the lower falls en route to the top.  There was tropical vegetation, wildlife, and rainbows everywhere.  If I had been alone, it would have been easy to imagine myself lost in some virgin jungle searching for some elusive trophy.  As it was, the crowd made that sort of difficult.  Even with the crowded conditions, there were a few times I was able to let my imagination run wild.

In between the upper and lower trails, we stopped for lunch.  We bought some empanadas and four Cokes, and found a table in the shade.  The food was so-so, as is typical of most park-type food, but a chance to sit down in the shade and rest for a while was heavenly.  Heavenly, that is until the coatis, coatimundis, or whatever the raccoon-looking critters were, moved in for their lunch.  These four-footed bandits were into everything that was not nailed shut.  There were signs everywhere saying “Do Not Feed the Coatis” or try to interact with them in any shape or form.  It struck me as amazing just how many people can’t read.  The animals had lost all fear of man, and could work their way into a backpack or a pocketbook.  If they could not get into it, they would pick it up and try to make off with it.  We finally left the area to get away from the things.  I would have hated to spend the next few days getting rabies shots after being bitten by one of these pests.

After a post lunch briefing, we headed out on the lower trail head.  It is 1:45 and we have to be at a boat dock by 3:00 to take our ride up to the base of the falls.  We struck out at a good pace, hoping to make it to the end and back before the boat trip.  It is really too bad we had to rush this section, as it has the most scenic views of the falls.  Several locations offered an unobstructed view of several of the falls at one time.  It was really pretty, too pretty to be moving as fast as we were forced to move.  Even I took picture after picture on this leg of the hike.  I even managed to take a few panoramic videos, which, we would hope, give some sort of scale of the place.  I stayed busy swapping my regular camera for my iPhone so I could post some pictures on the Internet when I got back to a Wi-Fi signal.  All too soon, my watch showed the time to be 2:40 and we headed off to find the boat.



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