Argentina 2013: A Wonderful Hunt and Fantastic Vacation; The Magic of Iguazu Falls Part 2

by david on September 6, 2013

We thought we were being smart by bringing waterproof cameras and waterproof housings for better cameras and would be able to capture many images to share.  We could not have been more wrong.  Our precautions kept our camera equipment dry, but we forgot to buy the type with windshield wipers.  The mist was so thick that within a few seconds the camera lenses were completely covered with moisture.  Any pictures taken looked like the view you have when you are sitting in a car during a downpour.  It was frustrating, to say the least.  As fast as we would wipe them off, they would be covered back up.  I finally took to keeping a cloth over the lens until just before I wanted to take a picture and remove it just before pressing the shutter release.  This worked only so-so, but I did manage to get a few useable pictures.  We hung out for a few minutes more, and, when we finally headed back, we looked like a bunch of drowned rats.  This had to be one of the coolest things I have ever seen.

We had sort of drip dried by the time we got back to the train station.  We were a few minutes ahead of the rest of the group, so we rested for a few minutes.  One of the girls noticed the top of a tree moving around and got up to investigate.  All of the commotion was being caused by one of the two indigenous monkeys.  Of course everyone had to jump up and go take a picture of the monkeys.  This little photographic sidetrack took up the rest of the spare time and we made it back to the train just in time to board.  I really needed the break and enjoyed the down time.  The steady rocking and clackety-clack noise of the train almost put me to sleep on the way back.  I have never traveled long distance by train, but I think I may consider it sometime in the near future.

For some short video clips of the falls go to my YouTube link,  In the meantime I’ll tease you with a still picture.

The "Devil's Throat", Iguazu Water Fall, Argentina.

The "Devil's Throat", Iguazu Water Fall, Argentina.

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