Argentina 2013: A Wonderful Hunt and Fantastic Vacation; Iguazu Falls

by david on September 12, 2013

It was about 7:45 when we got back and everyone was whooped.  We decided to head back to “A Piacere” for supper.  The food and service had been very good and they had Wi-Fi.  We all wanted to check e-mail and share some of the pictures we had taken during the day’s adventures, so Piacere fit the bill nicely.  Jess had filet with rice and I had my favorite, steak and potatoes.  Janice and Kristine were more adventurous and had a steak stuffed with plums and bacon.  It was served with a red wine and plum reduction.  They said it was tasty but on the sweet side.  Another couple bottles of malbec and all was good.

On a side note – tips are not expected or customary in Argentina.  Last night, I left a standard US tip for our waiter and word must have spread to this evening’s waiter.  I say this not only because he was very attentive but also because he brought us out four shots of lemoncello at the end of the meal.  Janice liked it, I thought it was ok (I never have been fond of sour), and the girls did not like it all.  Still it was a nice gesture even if it was geared toward getting a tip.  Message received.  Tip left.

On the walk back the girls stopped and got some ice cream.  They are all ice cream aficionados and consider ice cream to be one of the basic food groups.  If I remember correctly, they each got one scoop of chocolate and one of caramel.  I passed on the ice cream as I had other plans for the last few calories of the evening and stopped at a little convenience store at the top of the hill.  Figuring out how to ask for a dark chocolate candy bar (chocolate negra, btw) proved not too difficult a task and I procured a large bar.  Once I got back to the condo, I opened a bottle of malbec and enjoyed it with the dark chocolate.  It was quite a nice way to wind down the evening.

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