Argentina 2013: A Wonderful Hunt and Fantastic Vacation; Iguazu Falls “The Grand Adventure” Part 2

by david on September 11, 2013

I mentioned earlier that I had thoroughly battened down all of my hatches and deemed myself ready for this adventure.  Well, I was wrong.  I forgot to fasten the Velcro straps to tighten my sleeves and it took me only half a second to realize the error of my ways.  The water went down my sleeves with such force that it hit bottom where my elbows bent, made the turn back up toward my armpits and then one more turn back down my sides.  It was if someone took two water hoses, put one down each sleeve and turned them wide open.  I was dry where my shirt buttoned and in the very center of my back but nowhere else.  Janice did not fare much better in her poncho, as she tried to keep from using her camera, and the water found the “V” in the neck of her poncho.  She was wet in the front and back but dry on the sides.

After a few more dousings, I was ready to go but the rest of the passengers were screaming for more.  When all was said and done I probably looked like the house cat that fell into the Jacuzzi.  Did I really pay to do this?  Had I lost what little sanity I had left?  A quick glance at my wife and children (and the grins on their faces) told me I had made the right decision in paying to do this.  However, the question of my sanity was still up for debate.  I scored one more vote for sane when I decided to keep my doubts to myself and joined in with their empathic praise and shouts of joy.  Don’t get me wrong – the photo opportunities were unrivaled, but I would have been perfectly happy to stop with just the one drowning.  After being water boarded a few more times, we finished the boating part of our “grand adventure” with a high-speed boat ride through the canyon chiseled out by the waterfall.  At least I had dried off a little bit by the time we reached our disembarkation point.

After drying off as best we could and putting on our shoes and socks, we turned in our dry bags and life vest.  In front of us was a set of stairs cut into the side of the river gorge with no end in sight.  “Onward and upward!”, someone once said, so away we went.  It was not as bad as it looked.  After only a few hundred steps, we took a seat and waited to board the Unimog for the overland portion of our adventure.  The Unimog’s normal chassis had been removed and a flat bed with nine rows of five chairs had been attached in its place.  The trip would take us through the jungle and deposit us near the entrance/exit of the park.  The tour was scenic and informative but just not very exciting.  I guess it had a tough act to follow after the boat ride we had just experienced, but it was definitely better than just a ride back.  Everyone was slap worn out by the time we got back on the tour bus for the ride home.  Most of the group napped at least part of the way back.

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