Argentina 2013: A Wonderful Hunt and Fantastic Vacation; Iguazu Falls

by david on September 16, 2013

After being cooped up all day, we were all anxious to get out of the condo and have some dinner.  Precipitation was still falling intermittently, changing back and forth between full on rain and a heavy mist.  At least the thunder and lightning had stopped.  We decided to try a new restaurant tonight and ended up at the “Dona Maria”.  It was the restaurant at the Hotel Saint George.  I got the evil eye from all three of my companions as I commented on the question if they served dragon or not.  The girls decided to have “surubi”, a local river fish, and Janice and I both had steak.  If I have learned one thing in this trip, it is the names of steak cuts in Argentina no way correspond to the names in the US  My “Ojo De Beef” translated to rib eye on the menu but turned out to be NY strip.  The flavor was always good but the cuts always left me confused.

Kristine and I both decided to have grilled vegetables with our entrée and were a little surprised when they were served still cooking on a hibachi complete with hot coals.  I thought this would definitely be construed as a fire hazard back in the US, but it sure made for hot, fresh grilled veggies in the meantime.  There was even enough heat left at the end of my meal to reheat a piece of the steak.  We also tried a new wine tonight.  It was named “Latitude 33”, which was not quite as good as the Finca Flichman but it was still good.  This restaurant also gave us a very good exchange rate.  We got 7.8 pesos per dollar, instead of the government rate of 5.3.  The bill for two steak dinners, two fish dinners, and the bottle of wine was $67.00, not bad at all.

After the girls’ rave reviews of the local ice cream last night, I decided I would indulge myself right along with the girls tonight.  They each had their usual one scoop of chocolate and one of caramel.  I decided to be more adventurous.  I had one of “granizado de chocolate” and one of “dulce de leche granizado”.  What exactly they were did not really matter.  They ate just fine.  Tomorrow we are off to Mendoza.

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