Argentina 2013: A Wonderful Hunt and Fantastic Vacation: Fish Pizza and Ice Cream

by david on September 26, 2013

Wednesday June 5th, 2013

Today was a travel day, so we were up at 6:00, on the bus by 7:00, and at the airport by 7:20.  We knew there would be plenty of time but were a little perturbed that the first ticketing agents did not show up until 8:00.  We checked in with no problems and made it to Buenos Aries in time for lunch.  After lunch, we had only a short wait for the flight to El Calafate.  Once again, our tour guide was waiting for us at the airport and scooped us up for the drive to the inn.  On the way, we our host went over all of the details of our trip and made sure all of our questions were answered.

We got to the inn about 4:30 and, while not breathtaking from the entry, the views from the rooms and lobby definitely were.  The Hosteria Shehuen was situated on a hill, so no other buildings between the inn and the lake blocked the view.  They were there if you looked for them, but the views of the lake were outstanding.  The inn itself is about a 25-30 minute walk from the center of town.  That, in itself, is not a problem, the problem is the grade.  The trip downhill to town is going to be a piece of cake but the walk back is going to be a doozy.  I guess I can chalk it up to walking off some calories after dinner.  No matter the difficulty, we all decided the view was worth a little extra effort.

On the way to dinner, we had to find a grocery store.  We would be on a boat all day tomorrow and we needed to pack a bag lunch.  Finding our way around the grocery store was an exercise in the blind leading the blind.  The way some things were packed, it was difficult to tell exactly what was in it.  We finally found some salami, crackers, and cheese we could all agree on.  A 12-pack of bottled water and some cookies for dessert completed the feast and we were off to find a restaurant.

We tried to have pizza for dinner and were at least in part successful.  It seems that somewhere in the translation Jessica’s pepperoni pizza ended up a seafood pizza.  She did not want to cause a scene and would not let me cause one either.  She also did not want to wait for another pie to cook.  She ended up scraping off the toppings and eating just the crust.  Our pizza was pretty good, but sometimes the toppings are not universal.  I guess this should not have surprised me as I found the same had held true for cuts of beef.  Jessica made up the calorie count a little later as we stopped at an ice cream parlor and all three loaded up on the frozen delight.

Iguazú had been warm and muggy, Mendoza was cool, but El Calafate was downright cold.  The cold turned out to be ok as the walk back up the hill toting all the groceries and water required breaking a sweat.  We will all sleep well tonight.



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