Argentina 2013: A Wonderful Hunt and Fantastic Vacation. Day 6, part 5. Catching up with the girls.

by david on August 29, 2013

They had only been in the rooms for 15-20 minutes themselves.  Janice and the girls had arrived at the hotel (Plaza San Martin Suites) about 9:30 that morning.  They changed clothes in the lobby bathroom, checked their luggage with the hotel desk, and headed out to explore.  I am glad they had the opportunity to look around and I had hoped they got the shopping out of their systems before I got there.  The rooms themselves were actually one-bedroom efficiency apartments.  They were spacious and comfortable and really more than we needed.  If the rest of our accommodations were this nice the whole time, we were going to have a great trip.

Everyone was worn slap out and we decided to eat early.  My thinking on eating in a foreign country is to eat where the locals eat and not at the tourist traps.  On the way out, I stopped at the front desk and asked the guy behind the desk where “he” ate when he went out for dinner from work.  He told us the names of two places and we headed off in their direction.  We decided on the first restaurant because they had an English menu and that always makes finding something to eat easier.  Everyone found something to their liking and we washed it all down with a “Finca Flichman Malbec Roble”.

It was nice to be able to have a family meal and catch up on each other’s adventures.  They tried to be polite and feign interest in my hunting stories, and I tried to be nice and keep them short.  It turns out their flight was the most interesting one they have had since returning from Africa without me several years ago.  On that flight, some poor soul had a heart attack and passed away.  There was evidentially no place to put the body so the flight crew propped it up in one of the toilets.  This flight was not as tragic but every bit as strange.  It seems there was a lady one row behind them with some form of dementia.  It seems she was fond of dropping her pants and running around sans pantaloons.  I am really sort of glad I missed it.  With some stories exchanged and everyone tired it was all too soon time to head back for some shuteye.


NOTE: I need to do a little housekeeping here and let you know a few things.  First off I will be taking the Labor Day holidays off from blogging and will resume on Tuesday 9-3-2013.  On Tuesday the blog will change to a slightly different subject.  We will still be in Argentina but instead of hunting I will be blogging about the vacation my family and I took after the hunt.  If any of you hunters are looking for a way to hunt more places in the world without catching grief from your better half and spend more time with the family, pay attention.  This is working for me and it just may work for you.

One of our favorite Malbecs and it had the very important word "Roble" on the label.


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