Argentina 2013: A Wonderful Hunt and Fantastic Vacation. Day 6, part 3 Back to Buenos Aries

by david on August 28, 2013

The seven-hour drive was pretty uneventful and I slept through about four hours of it.  The only exception was one wreck on the interstate.  The immediate reaction (including our drivers) was to bail out and get off the interstate.  It looked like the air boss on a carrier yelling “EJECT, EJECT, EJECT” over the radio.  People were exiting down on ramps three and four abreast, driving the wrong way on the one-way street at the bottom, and going every-which-way all at the same time – not just the cars, mind you, but everything up to and including tandem tractor trailers.  I think our driver might have regretted his decision as he pressed the lock-all-doors button when he took closer note of our surroundings.  This little detour cost us the better part of an hour because the several hundred cars that got off the interstate at the same time thoroughly congested the streets of the town.  Once we found our way back to the interstate, the rest of the drive went smoothly.

I had expected to be dropped off at the hotel after the guys were dropped at the airport, but that was not the case.  I guess we made up enough time on the drive for me to get dropped off first.  Once I glanced at my watch, I knew the reason.  It was only 4:30 and the guy’s flight did not leave until 8:30, and it was way too early to be at the airport even for an international flight.  I checked in at the front desk and was informed my wife and daughters were already upstairs.  I made my way upstairs and found my family.

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