Argentina 2013: A Wonderful Hunt and Fantastic Vacation, Day 6 part 1

by david on August 26, 2013

Even though I was allowed an extra half hours sleep, I was unable to use it.  A thunderstorm rolled in just before daybreak.  As it approached and its rumblings began to wake me up, I first thought one of my amigos had risen early and was rolling a suitcase down the hallway.  A moment later a loud boom jolted me fully awake and then a torrent of rain began beating down on the roof.  I lay there for a few minutes just to enjoy the storm.  After watching some Disney movie (“Fantasia”, I think) one time too many, as a kid, I tend to see thunderstorms as a concert.  I love listening as the symphonic kettledrum solo rumbles to a booming crescendo and fades away.  I almost dozed off again, but as the storm moved off, I forced myself out from under the covers, my feet to the floor.  I willed one foot in front of the other, and, finally, I was up and moving.  I had a few pieces left to pack and I needed to get started.

Since I was actually up before my alarm went off, I would have some extra time to pack.  A quick glance at my watch told me the kitchen was already open and the coffee was ready.  You guessed it – I slipped into some clothes and headed off for a cup of coffee.  I was able to retrieve the large travel cup I had purloined the first morning.  The coffee had its desired effect and, if I could not enjoy the packing, I could at least tolerate it a little better.


The early morning storm as it pulled away from the estancia.

The early morning storm as it pulled away from the estancia.


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