Argentina 2013: A Wonderful Hunt and Fantastic Vacation: Day 5. Part 4. Perdez or Pigeons?

by david on August 21, 2013

I honestly hate to admit this, but I was so tired from the hunt this morning that I forgot to write down what we had for lunch.  That was fairly unusual for me.  I like to take good notes and I like to eat, so forgetting a meal is not me at all.  I guess this morning was like nothing else I have ever experienced, so I can give myself a pass on one mistake.  This afternoon we would all hunting pigeons together.

I was technically supposed to go on a solo perdiz hunt this afternoon, but I elected to go with the gang and hunt pigeons instead.  It was our last afternoon and I wanted to hunt with the group.  The thought of shooting dozens of pigeons instead of 8 perdiz also appealed to me.  On the way to the field, I learned I had also missed (whether I was present or absent during the conversation has yet to be determined) the earlier conversation about the afternoon hunt.  We would be hunting in teams over mechanized decoys.  Bob and John wanted to hunt together and Lee wanted to hunt solo without his dad.  That left brother Doug and I to be in the last blind and that suited me just fine.

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