Argentina 2013: A Wonderful Hunt and Fantastic Vacation: Day 4 Part 3, More PM Pigeons.

by david on August 15, 2013

There was only one fly in the ointment, preventing what could have been a perfect afternoon.  The wind was up considerably over yesterday.  It was coming and going, but when it blew hard, it blew hard enough to knock over the side of the blind and decoys alike.  When the wind blew hard, nothing was flying.  When it would slack off a little bit, there were birds everywhere.  The result was a rather erratic flight of birds.  It was of little matter, though, as I heard John blasting away down at his end of the field and Bob seemed to be getting his licks in as well.  At the end of the afternoon John had accounted for 40, Bob 36, and I had 46.  It was simply another splendid afternoon.

Dinner was a beef brisket cooked rare to medium rare.  It was perfection on a platter, being nice and juicy with lots of flavor.  There were potatoes, of course, and a variety of pickled vegetables.  There were cauliflower, bell peppers, Anaheim peppers, and a few varieties I did not recognize.  We washed it all down with lots and lots of Malbec.

Over dinner and around the fire pit, the conversation turned to the lack of ducks on the morning hunt.  No one really wanted to get up at 0-darkthirty and drive an hour to not see any birds again.  What to do was another matter.  We had originally decided not to travel to the high-volume dove shoot field as we had been perfectly happy with the number of birds we had taken at the regular fields.  Claus suggested we give the high-volume field a try, as we had not shot anywhere near the number of shells we had prepaid for.  It was as if the light bulb that had gone off during the quail hunt that brought us to Argentina in the first place had gone off one more time.  With a “that’s a heck of a good idea” comment, the decision was made.  Tomorrow we would hunt the high-volume field.




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