Argentina 2013: A Wonderful Hunt and Fantastic Vacation: Day 4 Part 2, More PM Pigeons.

by david on August 14, 2013

Doug and Lee were the perdiz hunters this afternoon, while Bob, John, and I headed back to the pigeon field.  I had so much fun yesterday that I was most anxious to have another go at it this afternoon.  Instead of the order of Lee, me, and Doug, it was John, Bob, and me at the end of the row.  If I thought yesterday’s blind was a Cadillac blind, today’s must have been a Rolls Royce kind of blind.  Jose set me up with three fields of view instead of two.  I was in high cotton.  While Jose prepared this Taj Mahal, he stood me out in the road with my shotgun and a box of shells pointed toward the field behind us and said, “shoot”.  I managed to bag four pigeons standing in plain sight in the middle of the road.  After finishing the blind and setting the decoys in front of the blind, he motioned me inside, pointed to the front, said “shoot”, and then exited the back of the blind.  I was curious so I turned around to see what he was doing.  He had saved a few decoys from the front spread and was setting them up in back.  Next, he picked up the four that I had killed and propped them up, using some sticks, yielding even more decoys in the back.  For the next 20 minutes, every time I had a few birds on the ground, he would pop out and prop them up for more decoys.  By the time he was finished, I was in a virtual flock of pigeons.

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