Argentina 2013: A Wonderful Hunt and Fantastic Vacation: Day 4 Part 1, Ducks Round Two

by david on August 13, 2013

The alarm went off at 4:30 again so we could head out for ducks.  Breakfast was ready when we got to the dining room, and I even had time for a third cup of coffee.  After filling up a travel mug for the drive, we headed out in to the darkness.  Everyone was sort of quiet on the drive, alternating back and forth between being wide awake, sleeping and that quasi-comatose state in between the first two.

The ride to the blinds was the same as yesterday except they decided to put everyone on the UTV for the trip out instead of making two trips.  I was impressed with the Polaris.  It held the driver, five hunters, five bird boys, decoys, shotguns, shells, and more papyrus for the blinds.  It never missed a lick and deposited us at the blinds with no ill effects.  Today, I would be hunting with Bob and John would be hunting solo.

If yesterday was slow in regards to the birds flying, today was the pits.  The birds were simply not flying.  I took six shots all morning, downing four birds.  Bob went one for one; John took five, while Doug and Lee accounted for another eight.  I do not have any idea where they went from yesterday but they were not anywhere in sight.  This will probably be our last duck hunt.

When we got back for lunch, they were unloading an axis deer for some photos.  Alex had taken it after a rather rough stalk through the brush.  I do not know who was grinning wider, him or his dad.  The deer was a nice one with a big body and good antlers.  I do not know much about scoring an axis deer, but I would not have minded having one like this one on my wall.

We had water buffalo for lunch.  We had smoked buff for starters and grilled buffalo tenderloins for the main course.  The tenderloins were grilled over an open fire and served with a basil/garlic sauce and fried potatoes.  For dessert, there were pears poached in white wine.  After the pears were cooked, the liquid used for the poaching was reduced, sweetened, and then spooned over the pears.  I have never had this before but it is a recipe I will try at home.


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