Argentina 2013: A Wonderful Hunt and Fantastic Vacation: Day 3 Part 2, Ducks Over Decoys

by david on August 7, 2013

The duck blind was exactly the same as the dove blind with the exception that we were standing in water.  Jose added some new papyrus stalks to the existing ones and then set out the decoys.  He had just stepped back into the blind when the first shots of the morning rang out.  I tried to get settled in the blind, but the footing was as treacherous there as it was on the walk in.  I almost fell several times trying to get into a position comfortable enough to take a shot.  I finally placed my left foot in a hole in front of me and tried to stay on the toes of my right foot.  In this position I could pivot enough to have a fairly decent field of fire.

My buddies (Bob and John in one blind, with Lee and Doug in another) were shooting all around me, but I could not see a thing in the early morning fog.  I did not know if it was just my eyesight or if the fog was thicker over me, but it was 30 minutes or so before I saw a duck.  The fog was making the birds fly differently than the ones I was use to hunting on the outer banks of North Carolina.  They either zoomed by with no chance at a shot or zoomed into range and dropped into the decoys without even a chance to mount the gun for a shot.  I will not shoot ducks on the water, and these guys seemed to know it.  I would rise up over the blind trying to get them to flush, but they only swam off to just past my self-imposed shooting range before taking flight.  It ticked me off to no end.  It was another 15-20 minutes until the fog had lifted enough for me to see the ducks in time to set up for a shot.  Then the fun began.  They were flying in in singles and groups of two or three.  The set up was perfect in that it allowed me to pick my shots.  At the end of the morning, I had fired 25 shells and had taken 18 ducks.  Despite the ominous start, this was the best morning in a duck blind I had ever experienced.  As a group we took 67 ducks out of the 100 we were allowed.  Claus told us the flights were slow because of the dam situation and, hopefully, tomorrow would be better.

Lee, Doug, and myself with a load of ducks.

Lee, Doug, and myself with a load of ducks.



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