Argentina 2013: A Wonderful Hunt and Fantastic Vacation: Part 6

by david on July 29, 2013

When dinner is served, no one was disappointed.  The starter was a sausage with a spicy sauce to drizzle over it.  Next, there were three types of salad: a lettuce salad, a cucumber salad, and a tomato salad.  Each had its own unique flavor and all are good.  The beef was excellent and went down even better with the malbec.  The combination of flavors was even better than I had imagined.  I almost skipped dessert in favor of another slice of beef and a glass of wine but I seemed to remember my wife mentioning that the ice cream was supposed to be something special in Argentina.  I did not want to be lacking in my husbandly duties and not investigate that notion thoroughly for her, so I opted for the ice cream.  I had to admit that it was very good.  It was sort of a cross between our best sweet-cream ice cream and the gelato found in Italy.  I know she and my daughters will enjoy it immensely when they get here.

A glance at my watch informed me that was 10:00 and tomorrow was a hunting day and we must be up at 5:30.  As soon as my brain reconciled those two facts, it let the rest of my body know it is time to hit the rack.  I definitely wanted to be awake and alert enough to enjoy my first dove shoot in Argentina.  I somehow said no to a refill of my glass and made it to my feet.  Now, if I could just make it to bed before I fell asleep.

Tomorrow: Our first hunting day

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