Argentina 2013: A Wonderful Hunt and Fantastic Vacation part 3

by david on July 24, 2013

We made it to Atlanta with no problems and headed to a restaurant for a light supper.  The meal was good, if overpriced (it is amazing what happens to prices when you are a captive audience).  I was not overly excited about eating on the plane and wanted a little something to tide me over if the meal was the usual airline fare.  Our flight to Buenos Aries got away on time, and the flight was smooth and uneventful.  I was glad I decided to eat before getting on the plane as the airline food was exactly what I expected and typically inadequate.  It was sort of filling and probably somewhat nutritious but it lacked flavor and gave me gas and indigestion in the process.  Thank goodness for a well-stocked backpack full of antacids and anti-gas medicine; otherwise, I would have regretted eating dinner more than I already did.  The rest of the 10-and-a-half-hour flight to Buenos Aries was smooth as silk.  Looking back on the events of the day, I came up with a new slogan: “I hate to travel, but I love going places”.  This is a true statement, as I really enjoy seeing all of the wonderful places God put on this earth but I really hate the process of getting from point “A” to point “B”.  Maybe I could make a short book about this sometime.  I could tell the whole world about the ridiculous travel situations I have gotten myself into over the years and give everyone a good laugh.

Tomorrow: Touchdown in Buenos Aries

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